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Ethics-Oriented Institutions (Media)

          CEPET (Mexico)

          CMFR (Philippines)

          Council of Europe

          Institute of Communication Ethics(ICE)

          International Center for Information Ethics

          International Communication Forum

          Journalism Ethics (debate)

          Pew Center for Civic Journalism

          Pew Research Center for the People and the Press


Media Critics and Monitors

          Accuracy in Media (AIM - USA)

          ACRIMED (France)


          Alternative Media Watch

          Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

          Center for International Media Action(CIMA)

          Cursor (Minneapolis, USA)

          European Audiovisual Observatory

          Fact Check

          Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

          Grade the News

          Media Alliance - Media File

          Media Channel

          Media Matters for America

          Media Monitor

          Media Monitors Network

          Media Research Center (USA)

          Media Shift (PBS)

          Media Tenor

          Media Transparency

           MediaWise (formerly PressWise)


          Newswatch Canada

          Nieman Watchdog

          Observatoire français des médias  

          Pacific Media Center

          Pieds dans le Paf (France)

          PLPL - Pour lire pas lu

          PR Watch

          Project Censored (USA)

          Regret the Error


Media Ethics Resource Centres

          American Press Institute

          Applied Ethics Resources on WWW

          Books on Media Ethics.


          Media Ethics Online


          Poynter Institute

          Sala de Prensa (Mexico)

          San Francisco State University J-School's Ethics Links

          The University of Hawaii Media Ethics Links

          World Press Institute (Macalester College)


Periodicals & Cyber Reviews

          AEJMC Ethics Newsletter

          American Journalism Review

          Columbia Journalism Review

          Ethical News (Media Ethics Division of AEJMC)

          Ethical Space


          Irish Media Review

          Journal of Mass Media Ethics

          Journalism Educator

          Media Ethics Online


          On Line Journalism Review (OJR)

          Pacific Journalism Review

          Pacific Media Educator

          Philippine Journalism Review

          Poynter Online Ethics Journal

          St. Louis Journalism Review


Professional Organizations

          American Society of Newspaper Editors

          Committee of Concerned Journalists

          International Federation of Journalists

          Online News Association

          Project for Excellence in Journalism

          Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ-SDX)

          World Association of Newspapers


Protection of Media Users

          Common Sense Media

          Consumer Federation of America

          Consumers Union (USA)

           MediaWise (formerly PressWise)

          Newswatch (minorities, USA)

          Our Media Voice

          Parents Television Council (USA)

          The Media Access Project (USA)

          Voice of the Listener and Viewer

Regulatory Institutions

          By country, alphabetically listed



Universities; Training and Research Centers

          Australian Centre for Independent Journalism

          European Journalism Observatory


          International Center for Journalists


          Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University

          Poynter Institute (Florida)

          The Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics (University of Minnesota)

          University of British Columbia Centre for Applied Ethics

          University of Tampere (Finland)


Press Councils



          Belgium (Flemish)

          Bosnia & Herzegovina

          Canada- Alberta

          Canada-British Columbia





          Estonia 1

          Estonia 2











          New Zealand


          Papua-New Guinea












          United Kingdom

          USA - Minnesota

          USA - Washington


Associations of MAS


          Association for Alternative Newspapers (USA)

          European Advertising Standards Alliance

          Independent Media Center

          Organization of News Ombudsmen


Codes of ethics (Sources of)



          Illinois Institute of Technology

          International Journalists' Network


          News and Articles

           MediaWise (formerly PressWise)


Related Organizations

          Associated Press FoI Section

          Center for Digital Democracy

          Center for International Media Action

          Center for Public Integrity

          Citizen Joe

          Council of Europe Human Rights Directorate: Media section

          Independent Media Institute -Alternet

          International Journalists' Network

          Media and Society Foundation

          Media Education Foundation



          Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism

          Project Syndicate

          Reuters Foundation

          Right to Communicate Group

          Right to Communicate Website

          South-East European Network for the Professionalization of the Media.

          The Communication Initiative

          The European Journalism Training Association

          The Institute for Interactive Journalism

          UNESCO Media Services

          World Association for Christian Communications (WACC)


World Media (Access to & info about)

          AFP link to world media

          African media

          Asia Media

          Associated Press

          BBC Monitoring

          Benton's Communications Related Headlines

          Daily Earth

          EJC Media News Digest

          EJC Media Landscape

          Human Development Reports

           I Want Media

          Japan Media Review


          Media Resources


          Mondo Times



          On Line Newspapers



          Romenesko's Newsletter

          The State of the News Media 2004

           WAN's editors 

          World newspaper guide

          World radio guide

Minority Rights

          International Women's Media Foundation

          Media Diversity Institute

Freedom of expression

          Article 19


          Committee to Protect Journalists (USA)

          Freedom House

          Freedom of Expression Organisations

           Freedom of Information Center at the University of Missouri

          Human Rights Watch


          Index on Censorship

          International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

          International Press Institute

          Media 19 Foundation

          Media Institute of South Africa (MISA)

          Open Society Institute

          OSCE Representative for Freedom of the Media.

          Reporters sans frontières

          World Association of Newspapers (WAN)

          World Press Freedom Committee


          Documents on media ethics

         Yahoo search engine

Case Studies

        Indiana U. School of Journalism

          Manship School of Mass Communication

          Poynter Institute

Ethics-oriented Institutions (General)

          Applied Ethics Resources on WWW

          Association for Practical and Professional Ethics


          Practical Ethics Center

Ethics Forum

          J Ethics