Barcelona gets ready

By Clyde Bentley on February 26, 2012 0 Comments

The Mobile World is Barcelona's world this week.

With more than 60,000 participants, the Mobile World Congress is Barcelona's biggest "tourist" event. Small wonder that the threatened strike by transit workers was settled late Saturday. The host GSMA had warned the government to get actively involved since the strike (set for Monday) was announced last week. Yesterday GSMA announced a contingency plan involving rented buses that would pick up participants at their hotels. A few hours later, the strike was settled.

Meanwhile, the black knapsacks issued to registered attendees are popping up all over the city as people take advantage of the early check-in offered at Fira de Barcelona, the former palace grounds turned conference center. The hotel is so full of people on their mobile phones that the circuit slows from 3G to Edge at times. That's more than a little frustrating to this crowd.

Topping my itinerary for Monday is The Connected House, a Disney-like home of the future designed to showcase the extent to which wireless technology will influence our lives.  But today I plan to see a bit more of this wonderful city.

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