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By Joy Mayer on May 2, 2011 0 Comments Ideas

joy_0_0.jpgJoy Mayer, 2010-2011 Fellow

If you want to get an idea of what I've been up to this year, here are some highlights — posts on issues and topics that have been central to my work, along with interviews with specific news organizations. I've endeavored to figure out what journalists mean when they talk about engagement, what's working for them and how they know if they're succeeding.

More specific words for "engagement":

I've grouped what journalists tell me they mean by engagement into three categories: outreach, conversation and collaboration. You can read my explanation of those three concepts, or download some of the slides from a presentation I gave on those concepts.

Some highlights from Joy's blog:

What does "engagement" really mean?
So long, "Wizard of Oz" journalism. Let’s make margaritas!
The nonprofit world’s "ladder of engagement"
Using social media analytics to measure "engagement"
Who needs "engagement" training most: worker bees or queen bees?
Check the analytics: Your users are talking to you
Analytics stoplights for Belo's TV stations
Journalists, it's time to date your readers
Photo bombs and Facebook quizzes for serious journalists
Engagement makes for happy customers (and other wisdom from Chrys Wu)
Readers, we want your opinion, just don't get too close
Engagement is a mindset, not a series of activities
The role of journalists: Lessons from community development
What I'm learning from a community newspaper editor
Can our readers find us? Do we want them to?
Participatory museums, and how they tackle engagement
"Engagement ensures the organism breathes"
Social media metrics: No magic answer, but useful tips
Data! About conversational journalism!
At the crossroads of journalists and librarians, we find community engagement

Interviews with specific news and information sites:

Wall Street Journal: Zach Seward
NPR: Andy Carvin
NPR: Bob Boilen
The Guardian
The Associated Press
The Chicago Tribune
Voice of San Diego
West Seattle Blog
California Watch
The Rapidian
The Terminal
Civil Beat

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