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By Brian Steffens on May 18, 2011 0 Comments Ideas Experiments

Brian Steffens, Director of Communications, RJIBrian Steffens, Director of Communications

Multiple mobile platforms continue to vex publishers

... Mobile ad choices as challenging as publishers' app choices

Hyper-local Main Street Connect to launch 31 sites June 1

Street Fight's 5 elements for a successful hyper-local site

INMA's Wilkinson: Time for a culture change in news

iPad users engage longer with publications than on the Web

Tablet users buy/browse online more than smartphone users

Another player enters the magazine tablet wars

... Another view from All Things Digital

... Yet another view from Ad Age

CJR interview: Paywalls are a survival issue

Citizen news site breaks bomb threat news in UK

Kiplinger financial magazine developing mobile website

UK reporter uses 2,000 Twitter news sources

There's more than one way to sell a print subscription

Popular Science iPad subscriptions are 95% new readers

Glamour magazine updates its iPad app: lessons learned

InMobi:A significant eight out of every ten mobile impressions in North America is now on a smartphone device, fueling growth of in app advertising

47% of Gen Y and 61% of Gen X rely on newspaper inserts for shopping research

Google introduces "News Near You" for mobile

Forbes.com revenues account for 50% of magazine's total revenues: paywalls, micropayments in its future?

WSJ: Magazines, newspapers experimenting with bundling model

Christian Science Monitor's future of news doesn't bode well for print, broadcast TV; says that's not necessarily bad

Pew: Drudge Report no. 2 behind Google in referrals to news websites

No time to read Columbia's 143-page book on digital news revenues? Read the (much shorter) Monday Note summary and analysis

Columbia to launch New York World news website

New business models, app ads highlight last week's online news reports

Group of 30 hyper-local news sites say local doesn't scale and doesn't need to

Google exec suggests tablets revenue opportunity could be bigger than that of smartphones

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