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By Brian Steffens on March 30, 2012 0 Comments Ideas

How Facebook referred more visitors to Guardian.co.uk than Google

Monday Note


NPR’s latest geotargeted experiment strives to create a deeper engagement while growing audiences

Nieman Journalism Lab


Three approaches local news entrepreneurs should consider when taking advantage of increasing opportunities from paywalls

Howard Owens


Knight lab releases new, free and open-source timeline tool



Vogue steps into the tablet scene



Infographic: How social media and mobile devices are changing news consumption



Journalism’s future in the emerging multi-media news brand



Digital journalists look for lessons in work of NPR’s one-man newsroom

Building a relationship with readers instead of implementing paywalls



Guardian readers express their loyalty at the Open Weekend session

The Guardian


General Mills and CBS find targeting consumers lifestyle segments to be more accurate than conventional demographics

Media Post News


How Daily deals was able to expand to 57 markets across the US and increase advertisers by 81%



Why adopting a customer-centric approach is necessary to successfully capture new local ad budget competition



Why local advertising fell 2.4 percent last year and what to expect from local digital advertising in the future

Media Life Magazine


Secure your paper’s future digital presence with these 6 critical strategies

Editor & Publisher


Huffington Post co-founder Ken Lerer aims to launch a new digital video news operation before the U.S. presidential elections

All Things D


2012 State of the News Media report: Why mobile technology is kinder to the news industry than social media



Latest survey from Doremus and the Financial Times reveals Senior Executives voracious media consumers



10 critical WordPress plugins you must have on your blog

Social Strand Media


Nation’s largest TV advertiser, Procter and Gamble reallocates advertising dollars from Television to magazines

Business Courier


Where consumers fit in the new media environment that has shifted from a publishing paradigm to a communications



Boston Globe broadens reach by launching a new interactive digital edition



Google continues quest to capture market share from Apple Inc.'s iPad

The Wall Street Journal


How memberships and marketing research technology can replace the need for Paywalls



Driving revenue from digital by implementing bold approaches



The Charlotte Observer teams up with Politico to produce a joint daily paper during Democratic National Convention



Why Hyperlocal news isn’t proving to be a successful business model



The downsides, and benefits, of temporarily lifting Paywalls

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