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By Brian Steffens on June 23, 2011 0 Comments Ideas Experiments

Brian Steffens, Director of Communications, RJIBrian Steffens, Director of Communications

Paywall successes win converts at Cannes media conference

Google's Schmidt: Mobile the next trillion dollar business

SeattlePulp.com: urban lifestyle site targets 18- 49-year-olds

ComScore: iPad owns 97 percent of U.S. tablet traffic

News Corp: Tablets not "the web in your hand" but new paper stock

Ad platforms cater to tablets

Gothamist experiments with long-form journalism

Paid content: Succeed by making it simple

News Corp. to use PayPal for newspaper content

Putting a price on content

iPhone users more enthusiastic about mobile wallet than Android users

Information overload spawns further look into curation

Local news site looks beyond banner ads for revenue opportunities

Tablet users to nearly double by early next year

Most tablet app downloaders pay for content

Shopkick reaches down to local retailers

Women prefer a blend of ads and news

Onswipe seeks to make websites feel like native tablet app

... Six reasons to consider Onswipe

Within four years, 70 percent of mobile ads to be local

Mobile ad revenue expected to double this year

AOL teams with media companies on IAB's rich media banner ad unit

IAB pushes digital advertising measurement principles

New ComScore service combines print and online data

Survey says local advertisers believe in geo-targeted ads

Mobile searchers quicker to purchase than desktop searchers

McClatchy expects to save $1M switching to Google Apps from Microsoft

Popular Mechanics: Hearst's iPad skunkworks

Time spent on apps outpaces time on web

Tablet news follows familiar pattern

NPR pushes digital strategy to member stations

Reinventing the article with Storify

3D web graphics may come to iOS 5 and iAD

Thinking convergence, repurposing content for multiple platforms? Read this

Tribune CEO sees mobile as a do-over opportunity after sputtering online

Pulse news app gets boost from Huffington Post investors

All Things Digital: Consumers want iPads, not tablets

Highlights on digital engagement from WAN's newsroom summit 

Philly public media reinventing itself with NewsWorks.org

Filioux vs Jarvis: Round two. Blogging, tweeting lack economic value

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