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National Survey: 50.4% Of U.S. Mobile Subscribers Own Smartphones

nielsen wire



Why Publishers Don’t Choose Apps To Develop Media On Mobile Devices

technology review




Digital First Media’s CEO John Paton: Newspapers Have Key Advantages In Transition  To Online Powerhouse




Paid Content Providers May Embrace A Brighter Future




The Global Mail: Philanthropically Funded News Site—A New Era Or A Passing Fad?




The Future Of Journalism: Death Or Renascence?




Newspapers Offering Better Video Content Than TV Stations




LA Times Developer Launches Crowd-funding Online Archive For Newspaper Home Pages

The Wall Street Journal



Digital First Media To Launch 12 New Community Newsroom Projects To Involve Its Local Readers




Nikki Usher: Small Newspaper Publishers’ False Optimism

Nieman Journalism Lab


How Can We Use Pinterest? Tips For Journalists And Newsrooms

The Buttry Diary



Ongo: The Year-Old Pan-Media Subscription System Shuts Down

Nieman Journalism Lab


Will Magazine/Newspaper Apps Die?




“What’s Next?”—Wilkinson Closes The 82nd INMA World Congress




Rob O’Regan’s Blog: It’s Too Early To Predict Apps’ Death

emedia vitals



Facts About Chorus: Next Generation Publishing Platform




Four Panelists Talk About Digital Subscription Strategies At 82nd INMA World Congress




Alt-Weeklies’ Innovative Ways In Times Of Crisis




3 Top Features of Google Analytics That Might Be Overlooked

Search Engine Watch




Paper’s Civil War Offers Other Media Outlets Opportunities To Grab Digital Audience




Jim Chisholm Urged To Promote Capitalization On Print’s Position In Media Value Chain




Facebook Launches An App Store To Promote Social Apps On Network




Q & A: Cheezburger’s CEO Ben Huh

Nieman Journalism Lab


What’s Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Editor & Publisher


Do Young People Read Newspapers?





9 Points About Charging Digital Customers

Nieman Journalism Lab


Rob O’Regan’s Blog: Examples Of Innovative Approaches To Tablet Ads

emedia vitals



National Survey: 50.4% Of U.S. Mobile Subscribers Own Smartphones

nielsen wire



The contracting newspaper ad industry

Reflections of a Newsosaur


Storytelling slideshows to drive traffic

The Atlantic




iPad app brings traffic to Brazil’s O Globo

Nieman Journalism Lab


The Economist in digital and print will charge the same price

The Drum




Globe and Mail will charge for online content




Study shows execs are the heaviest users of mobile apps

Research Brief
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