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As Smartphones Dominate the Market, App Popularity Increases




Ten Digital Media Stats From This Week

Econsultancy Digital Marketers United






“Future of Media” Forum Agrees: It’s Social

Columbia Journalism Review




Tribune Co. Tests New Tablet From Huawei as News Reader




Yahoo’s New Leaders Meet to Develop Plan of Action




Consumers Are More Open to Paywalls Than Before




Dow Jones’ Factiva Adds Twitter Content to Existing News Archives

Media Business




House Beautiful Becomes First Print Magazine to Link Up With Pinterest

Marketing VOX




NPR Launches News Apps Team to Focus on Interactive News

Nieman Journalism Lab



Researchers Developing Internet-Enabled Newspaper That Responds to Touch




iPad Will Maintain Pricing Edge Over New Windows Tablets





New Digital Publishing Company, The Atavist, Enables Multimedia Storytelling

The New York Times



New Social Network From a Facebook Co-Founder Streamlines Company Tasks

The New York Times



4 Questions With Fast Company’s Social Media Editor

10,000 Words



Facebook Co-Founder Signs On As The New Republic’s New Editor





McClatchy Newspapers to Begin “Robust Test” of Pay Plan




NYT Experiments with Google+ Hangouts to Engage Readers




New App Platform Centralizes TV, Video Ad Sales for Companies

marketing vox




Shoppers are Using Tablets, and Retail Advertisers are Following Suit




How Publishers Can Use TinyPass to Generate Audience Revenue

emedia vitals



Magazine Ads are Driving Mobile Search and M-Commerce




What Will the Media Landscape Look Like in 2017? A Few Predictions




DoubleRecall: A Paywall Buster Increasing Audience Engagement




Publishers Should Look at Small Data Before Diving into Big Data




Sales returns from online advertising range from three to five times investment

nielsen wire



Newsy’s Jim Spencer sits on panel to discuss ‘Next Big Thing’ in the industry




NOLA Media Group introduced: set to focus on online news 24/7







New membership model meets revenue goals before end of year





McClatchy to introduce paywalls on their newspaper websites




Research shows information on black consumers’ preferences

nielsen wire



Alabama Media Group will combine forces and to serve readers






Revenue increases for Journal Sentinel since paywall implementation remain steady




Ex-subscribers still receive ads despite no print newspaper

Westword Denver




Combining native app with HTML5 is key to laying out a newspaper website




Ways to use social networks to enhance ROI




Three techniques to better promote paid content

emedia vitals



Can hyperlocal strategy help other newspaper organizations succeed?





“Not all media are created equal” – One takeway from paidContent 2012




Promotion efforts ranked by consumer preference




AdView tool designed to measure more advanced impressions




Apple continues to lead in tablet sales and shipments

Los Angeles Times



Google Play introduces plans for app users to opt into

The Verge



20% of mobile impressions are fed from tablet consumption

Fierce Mobile Content



Buzzword innovation questions companies’ use of the term

The Wall Street Journal
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