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What Digital Distribution Strategies Should Publishers Take In Future?




NBC Station Expand Websites By Creating Local Investigative Reporting Sections




Will the Data Journalism Handbook Become The Next Newsroom Staple?

10,000 Words



Doug Kelly: Measuring Audience Based On A Multi-Platform




The Star Tribune Lifted Itself Off The Endangered List By Growing Audience

Nieman Journalism Lab


FCC Launches Competition To Increase Low-Income Broadband Adoption

Multichannel news



Content Monetization: What Can We Learn From Non-Media World?




National Survey Shows 66% Of Adults Prefer Reading Newspaper To Online Version

Rasmussen Reports



Cause Marketing: Brand Equality And Leverage It




Newspapers: How To Live Confidently And Creatively Before Death?




Source Interlink Media Created 40 Apps In 40 Days

emedia vitals



Survey: iOS Stays Top Choice For Traditional Media Publisher

min online



Christian Science Monitor: Web-First Strategy Brings Rising Revenues After 3 Years




ABM Conference: Audience Is Key To Future Business



Hilton Customers To Get 24-Hour-A-Day Access To Online News From USA TODAY

USA Today





The Dallas Morning News Attracts 49K Digital Subs After One-Year’s Paid Content Services

News & Tech




Infographics: Tablet Habits In The Home

lost remote


Email Marketing Will Shift From Mobile To Web-Based Email This Summer

Marketing VOX




The Daily finally launches an iPhone app at no extra cost to current subscribers




Increases in both print and digital circulation numbers hint at success

emedia vitals



Ad Supercharger delivers ads to email and Facebook daily




Conceptualized: Transferring data across devices with a single-swipe









New content aggregator hopes to deliver customized news to consumers




Simple solutions are sure outweigh complexity in innovative trends

Fast Company



Companies struggle to find best ways to become more customer-driven

emedia vitals



Transparency and accountability demanded from ad buyers invested in magazine tablet editions

Ad Age Media News



Research on tablet eye-tracking tests users’ habits and instincts




Apple still leads the way in the tablet market share

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