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By Brian Steffens on July 19, 2011 0 Comments

Time magazine joins all-access pass model

Will publishers create Facebook editions of news? 

Location-aware ads deliver relevance

Are we finally learning? It's not an either-or answer

Tablets, smartphones, e-readers signal industry growth

5 ways journalists are using Google+

Another run at personalized news

Non-profit doesn't mean non-opinionated

Not yet effective, 5 reasons Patch advertising may still work

Smartphone advertising still tops tablets, e-readers

UK publisher of US magazines moving toward digital only

HuffPo, AOL execs on the future of journalism

Twitter not the only web live news feed: a report from Reddit

RTDNA tracks amount of local news on TV, radio

Everyblock adds social element

AT&T launches in-app mobile local ads, generates 750 million local ad impressions

Local mobile ad spending expected to grow to $2.8 billion by 2015

Smartphone, tablet use growing worldwide

Pulse snags MSNBC.com as featured partner

Mapping tool offer insight to audience data

Pew: One-third of adults own smartphones

Adult owners of tablets and eReaders are heavy print readers

Confidence in newspaper and TV news ticks upward slightly

Philadelphia papers to sell Android tablets to boost digital adoption

Cable news has personalities, local news has ratings

Tablets show content monetization potential

First lessons from ePresse newsstand/digital kiosk

Hearst embraces start-ups as it moves toward digital

The Economist looks back to predict future of news

Atlantic editor: Twitter a "wonderful recommendation machine" for longform journalism

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