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About the DPA

The Digital Publishing Alliance (DPA) is a member-supported initiative of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Its mission is to bring together leaders and innovators from forward-thinking organizations to pursue new strategies, digital content products and business models for publishing and journalism, with an emphasis on news applications for media tablets and e-readers.

The RJI provides administrative support for the DPA and resources for DPA-funded projects in addition to hosting DPA meeting and symposiums.


  • Initiate projects that enhance the value and revenue potential of current and future digital publishing products and services.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information about media tablets and e-readers, news applications and products, and digital publishing tools and processes.
  • Leverage the market power of members to influence vendors and developers.
  • Conduct and analyze research that can help members better understand how widespread adoption of media tablets and e-readers may influence the future of journalism and the news media.
  • Provide training and support that allow members to take full advantage of new devices and digital publishing technologies.
  • Regularly exchange information about projects, priorities, possibilities, and best practices.
  • Test and evaluate digital publishing applications, strategies and business models.
  • Test and evaluate media tablets and e-readers.

Membership categories

The DPA currently has two membership categories. The annual dues for each category can be found on the application forms. To download the PDF application form, click on the appropriate category heading below.

  • News Organizations: Includes print and online news publishers, news services and associations.
  • Technology Companies: Includes manufacturers, digital publishing service providers, software companies, developers and other related technology enterprises.

Membership dues

Annual dues are determined by the membership category. Dues are used to:

  • Help fund support staff, research assistants and contract workers as required for DPA-funded projects;
  • Host meetings, symposiums and workshops;
  • Gather and distribute information to members;
  • Conduct research and field tests.

Membership benefits

Members get free, first access to all DPA-initiated non-proprietary research data and analyses, device evaluations and documentation, special reports, prototypes, production tools and processes, as well as meetings. (Fees may be charged for some symposiums and workshops.)

Members also can contract with RJI for exclusive production work, customization, research, support and training. (Fees will be negotiated.)

Current DPA Projects

  • RJI-DPA Tablet Research Project: This is a multi-year research project to understand how users of Apple iPads and other mobile media devices consume news content. The RJI-DPA began conducting national online surveys in the fall of 2010. The RJI-DPA is now conducting national phone surveys during the first quarter of each year.
  • Device Evaluations: RJI evaluates and publishes reviews of media tablets and e-readers with mobile broadband and/or Wi-Fi access to digital editions of newspapers and magazines.
  • Electronic Media Print (eMprint): This is an ongoing initiative led by Roger Fidler at RJI to develop and evaluate reader-friendly editorial and advertising presentation models for news applications displayed on media tablets. It builds on Fidler’soriginal work at Knight-Ridder and Kent State University.
  • Digital Newsbook Publishing: The purpose of this project is to produce and test market a new digital content product with revenue potential for publishers. Digital Newsbooks are defined by RJI as substantive, visually rich eBooks on timely, newsworthy topics. Their content consists primarily of journalistic investigative and explanatory reports that were originally published in newspapers or magazines. The RJI has produced more than 40 Digital Newsbooks for DPA members since 2007.