iPad: User satisfaction increases over time

Source Macity on July 12, 2011 0 Comments

A survey conducted in U.S. shows growing percentage of satisfaction on the iPad. Increase the number of apps used, the reading and information: many users are considering to cancel your subscription to newspapers and magazines.

Roger Fidler, ipad, RJI, Reynolds Journalism Institute
"iPad: increases user satisfaction," July 12, 2011.

Growing customer satisfaction within a few months iPad: Users of Apple's tablet using multiple apps and spend more time reading and information. This was revealed by a study carried out in two stages in the United States by the Reynolds Journalism Institute. In the first survey in fall 2010 were surveyed 1,600 users of the iPad, which showed that 94% of the sample was said somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the iPad. In this initial investigation was followed by a study carried out in March on a smaller sample of 561 users iPad.

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