Matt Thompson on the evolution of content management systems & why it matters to journalists

Source MATT THOMPSON FOR POYNTER on June 13, 2011 0 Comments Ideas
Matt Thompson, RJI, Reynolds Journalism Institute
"4 ways content management systems are evolving & why it matters to journalists," Poynter, June 13, 2011.

One byproduct of the digital media revolution is that most journalists today are techies, to a point. It’s increasingly rare to encounter reporters who don’t covet the latest hyper-powered smartphone.

I’ve met with longtime journalists who, having never written a lick of HTML code, are nonetheless eager to skip the Web altogether and start figuring out storytelling for tablet devices. If I was writing about how location-based networking was evolving, chances are I’d hook lots of curious journos who have no intention of ever adding geo-data to their stories. But it’s hard to get people interested in the one technology that they have to use every day, the thing that either inhibits or enables the space-age storytelling they want to do — their content management system.

If your job in any way involves producing media for public or semi-public consumption, chances are you’re a heavy user of a content management system (CMS). And chances are also pretty high that your organization is looking to replace or improve its CMS. It’s worth knowing a few key lessons we’ve learned on how content management is developing, so you know what to look for.

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