Why the New York Times' pay model is similar to NPR and Spot.Us

Source David Cohn for MediaShift Idea Lab on March 30, 2011 0 Comments
David Cohn, DigiDave, RJI fellow
"Why the New York Times' Pay Model is Similar to NPR and Spot.Us," MEDIASHIFT IDEA LAB, March 30, 2011.

From the launch of Spot.Us, I've always said the following:

Anyone can tackle the crowdfunded journalism model. In fact, NPR could do it tomorrow and blow me out of the water. It's just about being transparent and giving up control over how donation money gets spent.
This model would have more success at the national or international level.
This model would have more success if a known brand took the lead. (Again, I always tend to cite NPR.)

There has been much opining about the New York Times pay wall that went up this week. I was quoted in a Neiman Lab post on the topic; I wrote about it for the Reynolds Journalism Institute, where I'm currently a fellow; and I was a guest on WNPR, an NPR station in Connecticut, to discuss the topic with other news professionals.

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