Cell phone tour of MKT trail

Source KOMU on April 13, 2010 0 Comments
Clyde Bentley, Donald W. Reynolds fellow, mobile journalism
"Cell Phone Tour of MKT Trail," KOMU, April 13, 2010

COLUMBIA - MU's Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation are joining together to bring visitors to the MKT Trail something new.

On several benches throughout the MKT Trail, there are plaques with names of local people from Columbia. If you have ever been interested in knowing who those people are and the history behind having their names on the bench, a new program, Voices From the Past, makes it simple. It's done through a cell phone.

"We made it possible to dial a number with your cell phone as you're walking by and get a 90-second to two-minute feature story about that person," RJI Fellow Clyde Bentley said.

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"Cell Phone Tour of MKT Trail" from KOMU
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