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By Will Sullivan on November 18, 2010 1 Comment Ideas

Mobile Journalism Reporting Tools Guide

The Basics        
  DropBox Pixelpipe Flickr Soonr
Cost Free (up to 2G) Free Free $0.00-$19.95
File Size 5.9 MB 0.4 MB 4.9 MB 1.2 MB
Manufacturer DropBox, Inc. Pixelpipe, Inc. Yahoo! Inc. Soonr, Inc.
Upload speed: slow, average, fast Fast Depending on file size, can be extremely fast or really slow Fast  
Platform Supported iOS, Android, Symbian iOS, Android, Symbian iOS, Android, Symbian iOS/PC/Mac
Online cache? Yes No Yes
Export? No Yes Yes  
Recommended? Highly Recommended Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended
Where to buy iTunes App Store,Android Market Not in iTunes store, but can be found on the Markets of other operating systems iTunes App Store,Android Market iTunes App Store


New Review of DropBox

Review by: Jennifer Elston

The free DropBox account holds up to 2GB.

DropBox is one of my favorite finds since starting this endeavor. Dropbox allows you to sync multiple computers (including phones, both iPhone and Android), share and store files. To use on your computer, simply sign up for Dropbox and download the application to your computer. When you are finished, you should see an additional icon near your Bluetooth, AirPort and battery life meter (if you are on a Mac). It will also add an icon to your folders. So, now when you are in a folder on your Desktop, you can choose to share/store/sync the file with Dropbox.

The next step is installing the application on your phone. For the iPhone, Dropbox is great for sharing/storing/syncing photos. You can create a folder by pushing the plus sign in the lower left corner. To add a photo, click the camera on the bottom row. The application comes with an iPhone intro and a Getting Started guide. It really couldn't be any easier.

If you want to share files, go to their website and click on the Sharing tab of your account. It will ask you to pick a folder to share with others. When a file is shared, it will sync automatically to their computer.

The only thing I should note about this application is the amount of free space you get. With a free account, you get 2GB of free space, which is not a lot if you plan on storing a lot of photo files. 2GB is pretty standard for online file sharing, and can be found on other sites such as Mozy. You can upgrade the 50 GB for $99/year or 100GB for $199/year. For Mozy, it is unlimited storage for around $55 dollars a year, but Mozy doesn't have a mobile application as far as I know.

I really like this application and I would highly recommend it for all newsrooms. The application is free and you get 2 GB free. You can use it to get information to your editors quickly as long as you just keep a few things on it, you can use these features for free!

New Review of DropBox


Review by: Amanda Heisey

Pixelpipe settings allow you to add or edit destinations you wish to transmit your files.

Pixelpipe is one of the applications that really does everything. They try to combine all of your favorite social media sites into on application. This way, you only need one app to control your social life. You can store email addresses and social networks within the application. This allows you to send photos, or videos to anyone you want to. You can update your blog, Tweet from multiple accounts, and check other social media sites. All you do is check the sites you want your content to be uploaded on in the settings menu. I can send multiple pictures from my camera roll to my Pixelpipe account. It sounds great, but there are definitely some bugs. They're actually kind of large kinks that really dissuade a user from picking this platform.

Here's the problem, it doesn't work as well as it's marketed. It is incredibly slow when you have big files, or too many pictures. Photos go up relatively easily, sometimes videos have issues uploading. It gets pretty frustrating. Also, it has recently been taken out of the iTunes store. This isn't the first time this has happened. If you're going to go for a file transmission app, you should probably find one that is more stable than Pixelpipe. I can still see the videos I've already uploaded to the website, and their blog is still around and says they've completed Symbian signing. Before that their post was about Pixelpipe for Android. I don't think this application is worth the hassle, considering now you can’t even find it on the iTunes store. There are other apps out there that have similar functions that work better overall.


Review by: Jennifer Elston

Flickr's user interface
Flickr's user interface

Flickr is definitely one of my top picks for best design, easy on the eyes and easy to use. The iPhone application interface is so appealing that I actually have the desire to upload my photos to flickr, an urge that I do not have when I am using the website on a laptop or desktop computer. I know what you are thinking - could it really be that great? But, I'm telling you.. less is more is the name of the game. When you open the application, various breathtaking photos take turns more or less sliding across the screen.

To upload a picture, simply click on the camera with an arrow above it. The prompt will have you select either "Take Photo or Video" or "Upload from Library." See? Couldn't be any easier if you tried. Once you select a picture, you can add a title, description, add the photo to a new or existing set, add tags, choose your image size (resolution) and even geo-tag your current location. Or, you can add another photo by clicking the "Add Item" button. If you enable the setting, flickr will share your photos on twitter for you.

On the main menu, there are three other options (besides information). You can click on your recent flickr history, "you" where you can view your sets, tags and your photostream and contacts. That's all. You cannot do a lot with it. There are no fancy gizmos, but that is why this application is fantastic. Simple and efficient.

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Now there are even more advanced apps like Web PC Suite which helps you to transfer files over a WIFI network.

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