Five Teams Advance in RJI Student Competition

By RJI on January 26, 2011 0 Comments Experiments
Judges react to a team pitch in Fred W. Smith Forum on January 26, 2011.
Judges react to a team pitch in Fred W. Smith Forum on January 26, 2011.

Five student teams are moving forward in this year's RJI Student Competition to develop Android mobile applications for media sponsor Hearst, Inc.

Judges from RJI, Hearst and technology sponsors Adobe and Sprint chose the five finalists following a day of pitches where teams of Missouri journalism, computer science and business students responded to challenges given to them in December by Hearst's Innovation Division.

While the exact nature of the chosen projects is confidential, the students will spend the next three months building and testing mobile apps that use existing content from Hearst's newspaper, magazine, television and digital products to reach audiences in new ways through smartphones running Google's Android operating system.

The finalist teams are:

  • Team Buzz: Akshay Dave, Colby Gergen, Chao Shi, Patrick Sweet and Fei Wu
  • First Instinct: Hyun Ik Jang, Hyunmin Lee, Taein Park and Jaewon Shin
  • The App Factory: Brent Davidson, Daniel Maxson, Suman Roy, Dan Wang and Qia Wang
  • Media Moguls: Bryan Baugher, Amanda Klohmann, Josh Lory, Morgan Mitchell and Matthew Schmertz
  • Team 5 Bars: Amanda Bromwich, Adam Falk, Geoff Pado, Josh Smith and Zach Wade

"We are particularly happy to see a combination of newcomers and veterans from last year's contest among this year's finalists," said Mike McKean, director of RJI's Futures Lab. "We're guaranteeing continuity with an important media client while also laying the
groundwork for ongoing app development to support the production and financing of tomorrow's news."

In the next stage of the competition, Hearst and RJI will assign project managers and offer $3,000 to each team to realize their proposals. Adobe, Google and Sprint will provide them with the tools and technical knowledge to fast-track their apps. Sprint has planned a February 15th briefing for the students at its world headquarters in Overland Park, KS.

Mike McKean and Keith Politte describe the significance of this year's Android competition.

For more information, contact: Mike McKean,, 573.882.3434.

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