NearBuy team recounts its WWDC experience

By Mike McKean on June 14, 2009 0 Comments Experiments

Team NearBuy’s Anthony Brown, Zhenhua Ma, Dan Wang and Peng Zhuang traveled to Apple's annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) after winning the RJI iPhone Student Competition. On the last day of the event in San Francisco, Team NearBuy shared their experiences attending WWDC, competing in the RJI competition and their future plans for the “NearBuy” application.

Team NearBuy comment on the opportunity to attend WWDC, enabling the team to continue to innovate

Team NearBuy share the value of receiving feedback directly from the developers in attendance.

Team NearBuy express the value of an interdisciplinary application development

Anticipated next development steps are discussed by Team NearBuy as Apple's version 3.0 of iPhone OS

Team NearBuy presented their work at an invitation only Apple Higher Education event during WWDC

Apple assembled a “pulsating” wall canvas of iPhone App icons so when purchased its icon would pulse

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