The Storm Collection

By RJI on October 1, 2011 0 Comments Ideas

Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan, co-creators of the hugely popular web video "Epic 2014," released their newest video today, "SND Storm", at the annual convention of the Society of News Design in St. Louis.

Matt, a 2008-2009 Donald W. Reynolds Fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, is an editorial product manager at NPR, where he's helping to coordinate the development of 12 niche, local websites in conjunction with NPR member stations. Robin works on media partnerships at Twitter. Before that, he was a strategist at Current, and independent TV network co-founded by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt.

Their SND keynote presentation was sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Following their video, stick around to hear Matt and Robin discuss their thinking about Design for Fit.

Matt and Robin's presentation slides.

The Storm Collection Video

"A storm has just hit town. Buildings are wrecked and the mayor is missing. How many times and in how many ways has some variation on this story been told throughout history? And how will it be told?"

The Storm Collection from Storm Collection on Vimeo.

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