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J school faculty, students consider possible uses for iPad

Source The Maneater on February 5, 2010 0 Comments

School of Journalism faculty members see many uses for Apple's new iPad in higher education, though they have no plans to require it for students.

Matt Thompson

Source American Press Institute on February 4, 2010 0 Comments
Reynolds fellows, Matt Thompson

Mr. Thompson is an incoming Editorial Product Manager at National Public Radio, where he will be helping to coordinate the development of 12 topic-focused local news sites in conjunction with NPR member stations. Before moving to DC, he served as the interim Online Community Manager for the Knight Foundation. In May 2009, he completed a Donald W. Reynolds Fellowship at the Reynolds Journalism Institute; his explorations into creating context-centric news websites are quickly becoming central to the discussion about online journalism's future.

iPad changes equation of newspaper-subsidized e-Readers

Source POYNTER on February 4, 2010 0 Comments
Poynter Screenshot

Stack up the price of Apple's iPad against what it costs to put a newspaper in your driveway for a couple of years and you'll find an e-reader business model that just might work.

Charting the emerging local news ecosystem

Source LOSTREMOTE on January 29, 2010 0 Comments
Reynolds fellows, Michele McLellan, Community news sites,

Rumors that AOL’s hyperlocal franchise,, will be expanding in a very big way continue to swirl. Meanwhile, Yahoo, Datasphere, Allvoices, OurTown and a handful of others are looking to compete on the local level in a national way, too. So what does the competitive landscape look like?

Apple iPad latest in e-reading technology

Source Columbia Missourian on January 28, 2010 0 Comments
Columbia Missourian

After much hype and few facts surrounding Apple’s new product on the Internet, the Apple iPad was revealed to the public on Wednesday in San Francisco.

Businesses like iPad's capability, portability

Source DENVER POST on January 28, 2010 0 Comments
Denver post screenshot

Beyond tech geeks and Mac fanatics, the unveiling of Apple's iPad on Wednesday also captured unabashed attention from the business world, from newspaper publishers to telecommunications executives.

Tablet opportunities for news publishers

Source INMA on January 27, 2010 0 Comments

Roger Fidler, programme director for digital publishing at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri, feels that in a “size matters medium,” the iPad is the natural winner — for now.

The iPad presents opportunity for newspapers - maybe

Source MarketWatch on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
MarketWatch screenshot

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- Newspaper publishers can expand their online audiences and enhance their usefulness to advertisers through Apple Inc.'s new iPad tablet device, but only if they can offer something that truly takes advantage of the technology, experts said Wednesday.

And from on high ... a new tablet from Apple

Source The Kansas City Star on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
Kansas City Star screenshot

It doesn’t happen with breakfast cereals or blue jeans.

Not with colas and no longer with cars.

MU sees big benefits in new Apple iPad

Source KOMU on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
KOMU Screenshot

COLUMBIA - Apple launched its new iPad Wednesday and MU academics are already exploring ways to use the new gadget to teach.

Apple's new iPad to boost already growing digital publishing trends

Source Kansas City Infozine on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
Kansas City Infozine screenshot

Columbia, MO - infoZine - With the increasing prevalence of the Internet during the past decade, the print media industry has seen a major slide in circulation and profits.

RJI has high hopes for iPad

Source KBIA on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
KBIA screenshot

The much-anticipated release of the new Apple iPad, basically a supersized iPod Touch, could have implications at the Missouri School of Journalism. KBIA's Lauren Hasler talked to Roger Fidler of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute about his reaction to Apple's latest release.

Apple's effect on content partners: more good than bad

Source Business Week on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
Business Week screenshot

The unveiling of Apple's (AAPL) new tablet computer on Jan. 27 has sparked hopes the device will improve the fortunes of companies supplying content for the device.

In R.I., curiosity about Apple's highly anticipated tablet

Source Providence Journal on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
Providence Daily screenshot

The Apple corps whipped itself into a fever pitch these last few days as its members wait for the high-priest of the technorati on Wednesday to unveil the next sweet thing in consumer technology at an event in California — the land from where all things cool spring.

Media guru sees (and saw) e-papers coming

Source Philadelphia Daily News on January 27, 2010 0 Comments
Philadelphia Daily News screenshot

Thanks to Apple's big product announcement today, the world should finally get focused on the concept of downloading newspapers and magazines to read on an eco-friendly, instantly updatatable e-tablet.

My criteria for promising online news sites

By Michele McLellan on January 26, 2010 0 Comments Experiments

As a fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute this year, I am working on a list of promising sites. The idea is to identify and work with the best – to learn from them and to figure out ways RJI might help them.

De Telegraf

Source De Telegraf on January 26, 2010 0 Comments
De Telegraf logo

Roger Fidler program director for digital publishing at the Reynolds Journalism Institute was contacted for an interview on E-Readers.

Latest Apple product creates anticipation in newspaper industry

Source COLUMBIA MISSOURIAN on January 25, 2010 0 Comments
Columbia Missourian

COLUMBIA – What Apple will unveil Wednesday could shift the future of e-reading and be a tool to increase the viability of newspapers.

Hopes, fears for Apple's tablet launch

Source Mediaweek on January 24, 2010 0 Comments
Mediaweek Screenshot

Technophiles are aroused. Advertisers are fantasizing. And battered, skeptical publishers are hopeful but trying to stay grounded as everyone awaits digital Christmas, scheduled for Jan. 27, when Apple is expected to introduce its long-rumored tablet device.

5 Recent big moves in hyper-local news

Source MediaShift Idea Lab on January 19, 2010 0 Comments

And if you are looking for analysis and trends among independent sites, a great source is Michele McLellan, a fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri. McLellan is researching community news startups, civic engagement and community building. She also writes for the Knight Digital Media Center's leadership blog and is @michelemclellan on Twitter.