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By RJI on March 25, 2013 4 Comments

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The Digital Newsbook on this page was produced at the RJI for the American Copy Editors Society in March 2013. The cover image is hyperlinked directly to the newsbook, which is free to download and save. It can be opened and comfortably read within any PDF viewer; however, it is best read within PDF viewers that support hyperlinks. For Apple iPad owners we recommend opening the newsbook in the iBooks or Goodreader app.


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Thanks for the guide,

Thanks for the guide, sometimes staff doesn't understand the law, etc and it helps to have an authoritative source to respond with.

Great Book

Great book. Thanks for sharing.

Nice Newsbook

Nice newsbook. Useful information shared

SIP this

Useful suggestions for detection here. Another: One acronym useful for finding plagiarized text is the SIP: "Statistically Improbable Phrase". That is, find a phrase in a suspicious text which is unusual enough in its construction that it probably doesn't appear anywhere else. Then, search the Net for that phrase (in quotation marks, of course). My students think I have "plagiarism-dar", since I find their sources of copied materials so easily, but I'll never reveal to them this (simple) trick.

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