RJI: Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute | University of Missouri | 2008–2018 | 10 years of innovation

10 years of innovating and more to come

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute is celebrating 10 years of innovating and helping ensure that journalism has a long and bright future in the service of democracy. After several years of planning and preparation, the institute’s doors opened in 2008.

RJI is the place where good ideas for the news and strategic communications industries come to get sketched out, thought through, tried out and shared as widely as possible. This happens through RJI fellowships, startup investments, student-led projects and rigorous academic research.

To learn more about these and other RJI initiatives, and to learn how you can get involved, check out our 10-year anniversary publication.

In addition, as part of the anniversary celebration, RJI conducted a series of thought leader interviews on a variety of innovative topics (see below). Included on the list were Shailesh Prakash of The Washington Post; Cheryl Thompson, president of IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors); Michelle Holmes, vice president of Alabama Media Group; and Jim Brady, founder and CEO of Spirited Media, Inc.

Also, be sure to check out our “Salute to Fellows,” a collection of stories about RJI’s fellowship program and how a few of the 80 fellows have helped journalism get stronger.

RJI is excited to be on the scene and is looking forward to the next 10 years of innovation in journalism, and beyond. The future is now!

The RJI 10th Anniversary video series was filmed by Brian Feulner, and edited by Kat Duncan and Travis McMillen.

Shailesh Prakash, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, The Washington Post

Randall Rothenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, Interactive Advertising Bureau

Rubina Madan Fillion, Audience Engagement Director, The Intercept

Cheryl Thompson, President, Investigative Reporters and Editors

Eric Carvin, Social Media Editor, The Associated Press

Michelle Holmes, Vice President, Alabama Media Group

Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA)

John Clark, Executive Director of PILOT, National Association of Broadcasters

Amanda Wilkins, Audience Development Editor, The Dallas Morning News

Jonathan Kanter, Attorney

Jim Brady, Chief Executive Officer, Spirited Media

Ron Nixon, Homeland Security Correspondent, The New York Times

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