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Andrew Haeg

2016-2017 Reynolds Fellow

  Institutional fellow
  Reynolds Journalism Institute


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About Andrew Haeg

Andrew Haeg has focused his career on using technology to help newsrooms more effectively engage their audiences, and make their journalism more reflective of and responsive to the communities they serve.

Haeg is a veteran journalist, crowdsourcing pioneer and entrepreneur. His career has spanned work as a public radio reporter, a correspondent for The Economist, co-founder of the Public Insight Network at American Public Media, and a Knight Fellow at Stanford University. 

He’s founder of the mobile engagement platform GroundSource, and was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism. He’s taught courses on human-centered design and journalism at Stanford, Mercer University and The New School—and has led production of several interactive journalism projects, including a federal budget game played more than two million times. 

Haeg lives in St. Paul just steps from the Mississippi River with his wife, Mary, and his three young kids. When he’s not busy building his startup, he can be found cooking, honing his bread-baking skills, or playing any game involving a ball.

Andrew Haeg is founder of the mobile engagement platform GroundSource. He is a 2016-2017 RJI institutional fellow.

Stories about Andrew Haeg

Developing bot-driven engagement to build community, extend news coverage

GroundSource, a community engagement platform, will build chat bots for news delivery and crowdsourcing. Andrew Haeg, project leader and GroundSource founder, will work with natural language processing researchers to develop naturalistic interactions, research open source bot frameworks, and measure whether two-way, conversational news leads to higher levels of engagement.

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