Tamara Power-Drutis

Tamara Power-Drutis

2016-2017 Reynolds Fellow

  Institutional fellow
  Reynolds Journalism Institute
  Chief of Staff
  Former Executive Director
  Crosscut Public Media


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About Tamara Power-Drutis

Tamara Power-Drutis is the chief of staff at Amplifier, a nonpartisan art machine for social change that aims to flip artists into activists and observers into participants. Power-Drutis is the former executive director of the Northwest independent news site Crosscut Public Media, which has a goal of informing a public capable of solving the current challenges. While at Crosscut, she served as the project leader for an RJI Fellowship project, which involved researching innovative methods for engaging news audiences. She continues to serve as a co-leader of the project.

She is a member of the 2017 Young American Leaders Program cohort, and in 2016-2017 was an inaugural Henry M. Jackson Foundation Fellow. With a background in strategic partnerships and community engagement, Power-Drutis believes firmly in the value of civil dialogue and servant leadership. She is the former communications coordinator at the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education, a research and policy center developing system wide solutions for K-12 public education.

Power-Drutis began her career as a research associate at Ross Strategic, supporting partnerships between the Environmental Protection Agency, State, and Tribal groups around environmental information management systems. She is active in community organizing, and has served on the boards of the World Affairs Council, the Young Professionals International Network, and the Lesotho Connection.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Pacific Lutheran University, where she served as the vice president of the Associated Student Body and was a Sustainability Fellow. Born in Tacoma, raised in Cheney, and now a resident of Rainier Beach in Seattle, Tamara is a product of Washington.

Tamara Power-Drutis is the former executive director at Crosscut Public Media and co-project leader of Crosscut’s 2016-2017 institutional fellowship at RJI.

Stories about Tamara Power-Drutis

Converting news readers into engaged email subscribers

A team from Crosscut News will conduct a research project on the most efficient and effective way to convert nonprofit-news readers into engaged email subscribers. Former Crosscut Public Media Executive Director Tamara Power-Drutis is a project leader, along with Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, editorial coordinator of Crosscut.

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