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Elisabeth Joyce

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About Elisabeth Joyce

Elisabeth Joyce of Philadelphia is a graduate research assistant for Edward McCain, digital curator of journalism. She helps with social media outreach, writes a monthly email newsletter and assists with expanding Journalism Digital News Archive’s online presence and brand awareness. Joyce also played an active role in promoting and coordinating the Dodging the Memory Hole 2016: Saving Online News forum.

Joyce is pursuing her master’s degree in magazine writing at the Missouri School of Journalism. After graduation she hopes to become a long-form journalist. Before pursuing graduate school, she served as the director of communications at Life in Synergy, a boutique fitness studio in Boston. 

She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Temple University.

When Joyce isn’t busy studying or working, she enjoys playing tennis and attending live music concerts.

Elisabeth Joyce is a graduate research assistant for the Journalism Digital News Archive (JDNA). She helps with social media and expanding JDNA’s online presence and brand awareness.

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