Simon Galperin

Simon Galperin

2018-2019 Reynolds Fellow

  Nonresidential fellow
  Reynolds Journalism Institute
  Founder and Director
  Community Information Cooperative
  Customer Success Lead


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About Simon Galperin

Simon Galperin is the founder and director of Community Information Cooperative, which plans to develop community information districts that would fund community news and information projects through fees shared by community members, similarly to the funding of sanitation and library services.

Galperin is also a customer success lead at GroundSource, an engagement and platform and consultancy that helps news organizations serve their communities through mobile messaging and voice products.

Before coming to GroundSource, he worked as a sales consultant at ProPublica and as the U.S. head of growth at Opinary, a tech startup in Berlin, Germany.

MediaShift named Galperin a top digital innovator in 2017.

He received his master’s degree in social journalism at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in 2016 and his bachelor’s in journalism and media studies from Rutgers University in 2014. During his time at Rutgers, he launched a news startup called Muckgers. He also helped launch NJ Spark, a social justice journalism lab.

When he’s not busy being a fellow, Galperin enjoys the outdoors, reading books about capitalism and making breakfast food.

He resides in New Jersey with his partner, two cats and a hedgehog.

Simon Galperin is founder and director of the Community Information Cooperative. He is also a 2018–2019 RJI fellow.

Stories about Simon Galperin

Simon Galperin 2018–2019 fellowship project

Simon Galperin, founder and director of the Community Information Cooperative, will address underperforming local news ecosystems by building special taxing zones called community information districts. Info districts let geographic communities design and fund their ideal news and information sources.

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