Mark Nienhueser

Mark Nienhueser

2015-2016 Reynolds Fellow

  Institutional fellowship project lead
  Reynolds Journalism Institute


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About Mark Nienhueser

Mark Nienhueser is the former advertising director for the Missouri Press Service and was the project lead for the organization’s 2015-16 RJI institutional fellowship. He is now an agent for Farmers Insurance.

Before coming to MPS in 2013, Nienhueser managed a team as vice president of sales for Service Noodle, a digital startup in Columbia. Previously, he worked as a senior account executive for Yellowbook.

Ted Lawrence took over for Nienhueser as the advertising director at MPS in 2017 and manages the digital suite, which was created during the RJI Fellowship. Previously, he served as the business development representative.

About the Missouri Press Service

Missouri Press Service (MPS) is an advertising representative for Missouri newspapers and is an affiliate organization of the Missouri Press Association, a statewide newspaper trade association.

Mark Nienhueser of the Missouri Press Service is the project lead for its 2015-2016 RJI institutional fellowship, which will create revenue-generating digital services for smaller newspapers.

Stories about Mark Nienhueser

Mark Nienhueser's fellowship project

During a fellowship, Missouri Press Service launched a suite of digital services designed to help community newspaper publishers boost their relationships with ad clients while generating additional revenue. Services range from creating websites and social media pages for newspapers’ ad clients to training newspaper staffs to sell targeted YouTube and display ads.

Since MPS, a Missouri Press Association affiliate, will serve as a “back office” for newspapers for this project, it will share in the net revenue from digital products sold, according to Mark Nienhueser, former advertising director of MPS and project leader. According to Nienhueser, not all state press associations have the manpower or resources to set up similar services and work with vendors. As a result, MPS is offering a white label version to other press associations.

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