Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs

2014-2015 Reynolds Fellow

  Institutional fellowship project lead
  The Texas Tribune


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About Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs is an independent consultant and advisor to media organizations, digital startups and foundations. He focuses on helping organizations with entrepreneurship, revenue growth, sustainability, product development, consumer user experience and digital strategy. He’s also the Innovator in Residence at the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin. Previously, he was the publisher and chief operating officer for The Texas Tribune. During his tenure at the Tribune, he was the project leader for a 2014-2016 RJI Fellowship where he and a team piloted “growth hacking” (using a rapid test-and-learn technology approach to marketing) to spur digital audience growth. He was previously a product and strategy executive at The New York Times.

About The Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune is a nonpartisan, nonprofit media organization focused on public policy, politics, government and other statewide issues. The Tribune provides news and information online, in the pages and on the sites of distribution partners across the state, and in partnership with The Washington Post. The Tribune also hosts more than 50 on-the-record, open-to-the-public events throughout Texas and a three-day Texas Tribune Festival.

Tim Griggs, publisher and chief operating officer, was the project lead for the Texas Tribune’s 2014-2015 RJI institutional fellowship.

Stories about Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs's fellowship project

During The Texas Tribune's institutional fellowship, project leader Tim Griggs, now former publisher and chief operating officer, and his team piloted "growth hacking" (using a rapid test-and-learn technology approach to marketing) to spur digital audience growth. A growth hacker — part engineer, part marketer — focuses on low-cost, innovative alternatives to traditional marketing. According to Griggs, this is particularly important for organizations like the Tribune, that have little or no marketing budget.

Growth hacking is widely used in the startup world, and with success at places like Dropbox, Twitter and Evernote. According to Griggs, it’s rarely used in the media space, particularly in news media.

The RJI Fellowship allowed the Tribune to pilot the approach with a short-term contractor (Lindsey Lee) who has both coding skills and marketing acumen. Lee used a variety of tactics at her disposal (search engine optimization, social media, partner distribution, content marketing, etc. — with a constant A/B testing methodology) to reach new audiences in a systematic, measurable way.

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