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About Anne Derryberry

Anne Derryberry has received awards from both the city of San Francisco and San Francisco County, along with the California State Legislature for her commitment to the community. For more than 11 years, Derryberry led Informania, Inc., a multi-million dollar consulting company she founded that specialized in custom technology-delivered training and communication programs. Currently she works as an industry analyst with Sage Road Solutions LLC and is news editor for Learning Solutions Magazine.

Anne Derryberry works as an industry analyst with Sage Road Solutions LLC and is news editor for Learning Solutions Magazine. She was 2010-2011 RJI Fellow.

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noozYou and noozYou Lab

A prototype of a fully-gamified news outlet and the organization required to produce it.

noozYou is born of the belief that games can be a uniquely powerful medium of communication.

Games offer storytelling possibilities that strictly linear, narrative formats do not. Games offer role-playing opportunities and simulated situations that the real-world does not. Games, by their interactive nature, open the door to experiencing and understanding issues and events that other media cannot. Games enable collaboration and engagement in ways traditional news media yearn for. And the game industry generates revenues that all media envy.

Because of these traits, I believe that games, when properly designed, provide a viable format for reporting news, can be vehicles for understanding the issues that underlie current events, and will bring new economic models to the business of journalism.

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