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Joy Mayer

2010-2011 Reynolds Fellow

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About Joy Mayer

Joy Mayer is an engagement strategist whose work focuses on the continually evolving notion of audience engagement in journalism — how communicators can foster two-way conversations, collaborate with their communities and know who they’re serving and how well they’re doing it.

After being a 2010-2011 RJI Fellow, Mayer continues to serve as a consulting fellow and is currently working on a project to help journalists build trust with news audiences. Mayer launched as part of that project.

Before becoming a full-time engagement strategist, Mayer spent 12 years as an associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism, where she created an engagement curriculum and a community outreach team in the Columbia Missourian newsroom and also taught web and print design.

She held a 2010-2011 fellowship at RJI, during which she did a survey of 500 newspaper editors’ views on engagement, held a seminar on measuring the success of engagement efforts, and published a discussion guide for community engagement.

Joy Mayer is an engagement strategist who helps journalists improve engagement with audiences. She was a 2010-2011 RJI Fellow and she continues to serve as a consulting fellow.

Stories about Joy Mayer

Audience Engagement

While an RJI Fellow, Joy Mayer interviewed dozens of journalists, along with experts in other disciplines about evolving relationships with audiences. Some highlights are an interview with The Guardian, a post about social cultures in organizations, and one about getting out from behind the curtain and taking the party to the people.

Late in her fellowship, Mayer organized an event that brought together engagement experts to brainstorm ideas for engaging audiences and measuring effectiveness of that work.

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