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Jane Stevens

2008-2009 Reynolds Fellow

  Residential fellow
  Reynolds Journalism Institute
  Founder and Editor
  ACEsTooHigh.com, ACEsConnection


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About Jane Stevens

From 1988 to 1996 Jane Stevens worked for the Boston Globe and San Francisco Examiner. Among other jobs she served as a reporter, columnist and editor.

In 1993 Stevens began the Violence Reporting Project which encourages news organizations to add a prevention/public health approach to crime reporting. She is still the director of that program.

In 1996 she started working for Video News International. With funding by The New York Times the organization quickly morphed into NYT-TV. She also worked as a videojournalist for the Learning Channel’s Science Times, for Discovery.com and MSNBC.com.

Before her fellowship at RJI, Stevens was an editorial director of Oceans Now and worked as an associate professor at University of California Berkeley’s Knight Digital Media Center where she taught multimedia reporting.

From 2009-2011, Stevens was director of media strategies for The World Company, in Lawrence, Kan., where she led a team that developed WellCommons.com, the first local social journalism health site.

In January 2012, Stevens launched the niche news site, ACEsTooHigh.com, and its accompanying social network, ACEsConnection.com. The sites are phase one of a national Community Health Network. She’s currently living in Northern California, just outside Davis, where she’s happily biking and jogging every day.

Jane Stevens’s 2008-2009 RJI Fellowship developed two webcentric social/news/information networks — one focusing on health and child trauma, and the other about sustainable oceans.

Stories about Jane Stevens

Niche News Networks

Jane Stevens developed two webcentric social/news/information networks — one focusing on health, with a subshell about child trauma, and the other about sustainable oceans. Out of this, Stevens hoped would come low- or no-cost Web-shell templates that many of the 11,000+ journalists who have lost their jobs can use to start their own niche news networks.

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