Impact With Context: Tool To Measure News Impact

Measuring impact is subjective and disorganized and often lacks context. There’s no unified way to look at the true (contextualized) impact of a story other than searching for citations, syndications and potency for popularity on social media. Impact, however, must be seen in a more holistic way through the lens of the diversity of views and its implication for underserved communities and business models. For example, gene-editing has a tremendous impact on science. What does its impact look like for those who cannot afford it and who gets left behind in the conversation? Impact includes not only the depleted and narrow heuristics of hits, views and ads but also the semantic information of related media and the views espoused and/or insinuated. There is not just one narrative, there are multiple. To highlight these narratives implies improved news articulation and the restoration of trust from the public in our ability to dispel fake news and highlight holistic reporting.

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