Jiwon Choi: Eliminating the border of digital news archiving

Ever since the time the first newspaper was produced and published, it has played a significant role in recording the human history, witnessing what we have done and what has made us to do that (Mills, 1981). As a source of humankind’s accumulated knowledge and history, news contents have been considered valuable resources to preserve and protect. Newspapers are also fundamental sources of current information on contemporary issues and are essential for building current awareness and helping the public to be well informed, facilitating teaching and research in many academic fields including journalism (Pujari & Pai, 2005). In this regard, news should be well preserved for future generations as well as ourselves living in this contemporary world. It is fair to say that failure to archive born-digital news represents an abdication of responsibility towards an important part of the world’s cultural heritage (Lynch & Fontaine, 2014).

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