Itza Carbajal: Web Archivability: A Pathway Towards Dialogue

The days of rushing to a newsstand to read about the latest and greatest no longer exists. Breaking News now comes to us through constantly changing websites, databases, or mobile applications all viewable on those bright computer screens ready for immediate consumption. Since the introduction of the internet, the ways humans consume the news continues to transform everyday. Readers can be recognized as the social media user reading online articles on the news feed, the online subscriber tuning in daily to national newspaper headlines, to the researcher gathering data from news related databases and the teacher following educational blogs. Online news informs people about their past, surroundings, and possible futures. If online news now represents a unique testimony of humanity’s existence then there must exist a mandate to preserve it. The question then becomes not why, but how can people approach such an integral duty and who bears the responsibility of such a task.

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