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Great young minds create great new ideas, products and stories! Witness that creativity in action on Tuesday, April 25th at the RJI Tech Showcase.

It’s our fifth annual celebration of technology innovations featuring the work of students from the Missouri School of Journalism and their colleagues in the  University of Missouri College of Engineering. We kick off the 2017 Tech Showcase with presentations by the four finalist teams in the 10th annual RJI Student Competition followed by the announcement of the winners. This year’s contest focuses on mobile applications of artificial intelligence designed to improve journalism and better serve citizens who rely on high-quality news.

Last year’s winners created Recordly, a service that uses the iPhone, Apple Watch and speech-to-text software from IBM Watson to produce real-time transcripts of reporters’ interviews. The Recordly team is currently working on their product launch with help from the Mid-Mo Tech Accelerator.

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Fred W. Smith Forum 200, Reynolds Journalism Institute, 401 S. 9th St., Columbia, Missouri

Live Stream

If you can’t attend in person, you can follow our live stream at and join the conversation using #rjitech or the chat box on the live stream page. Please note, viewing RJI live streams now requires a free account on RJI Online.

All presentations will take place in RJI's Fred W. Smith Forum 200. No registration required. 

Tuesday, April 25th

9 a.m.


RJI Executive Director Randy Picht



9:05 am

Introduction of judges, mentors and finalists from the competition

RJI Associate Director Mike McKean


Bill Anderson, Executive Director, Missouri Technology Corporation

Tony Brown, VP for Product,

Amanda Klohmann, UX Designer, PHLUR

Ebony Reed, Futures Lab Director, RJI

Dong Xu, IT Program Director, College of Engineering


Mike McKean, Associate Director, RJI

Shawn Moore, Lead Developer, RJI

Dale Musser, Associate Professor, College of Engineering

Reuben Stern, Deputy Director, RJI Futures Lab

9:10 am

Presentation by Team NewsXplore

Erdenetungalag Erdenekhuyag, Bidyut Mukherjee, Haley Reed, Clara Wright & Alex Yang

9:20 am

Presentation by Team MegAPIxel

Olivia Apperson, Haley Hodges, Teddy Ivanov, Christopher King & Beth Sperry

9:30 am

Presentation by Team MindFlow

Humera Lodhi, Chris Mitchell & Evan Teters

9:40 am

Presentation by Team Naberfeed

Thunpisit Amnuaikiatloet, Shashank Avusali, Carlos Martinez Villar, Thitivuth Rattanasriampaipong & Maria Valero Dosal

9:50 am

Announcement of this year’s winners and awarding of prizes

RJI Chief Technology Advisor Dale Musser & Futures Lab Deputy Director Reuben Stern

10:00 am



10:15 am

True/False podcast

Todd Chen, Hailey Godburn, Danielle Hogerty & Calli Luna

Mentor: Ryan Famuliner

KBIA is collaborating with the True/False Film Fest to create a podcast centered on documentary journalism. This convergence capstone team has produced episodes, planned the launch and developed a promotional strategy.

10:30 am

Facebook Live at the Missourian

Kylie Boyce, Abby Dodge, Grace Hase & Travis Meier

Mentor: Matt Dulin

The Missourian has been experimenting with Facebook Live to build on existing community outreach, reporting and engagement efforts. Every live stream has been an experiment, and thanks to ample data from Facebook insights, they’ve been able to make incremental improvements with each effort. The team will discuss what they’ve tried and learned and provide best practices moving forward.

10:45 am

Online audience development: newsroom trials

Nicholas Allen, Rose McManus, Jennifer Prohov & Emily Rackers

Mentor and co-presenter: Amy Simons

It’s been a year of experimentation with emerging social platforms to listen to the wants and needs of the j-school’s audiences. How have those experiments factored into our newsrooms’ social media and branding playbooks? Find out from students in the Online Audience Development class.

11:00 am

14ymedio membership model

14ymedio membership model Grace Hase & Dorothy Sedovic

Mentor and client: RJI Fellow Alejandro Gonzalez

In 2014 14ymedio made history by launching Cuba’s first independent digital news outlet. They are now on a journey to grow it and sustain it. This convergence capstone team is helping launch a new membership model by developing and testing a marketing plan to attract new members.

11:15 am

14ymedio mobile app

Dale Musser & Shawn Moore

While the capstone team has been testing 14ymedio’s membership model, RJI’s Chief Technology Advisor and Lead Developer have been working with Gonzalez on a mobile app that bypasses easier-to-censor wifi networks with peer-to-peer news sharing technology.

11:30 am

A Vox sampler

Alex Edwards, Katelyn Lunders, Mitchel Summers

Mentors: Sara Shipley Hiles and Heather Lamb

Vox Magazine does innovation on a shoestring. Student editors share best practices and lessons learned from the magazine's latest digital projects: an email newsletter, analytics, Social News Desk, and social video.


Lunch Break


Each year we invite students from the College of Engineering’s IT capstone class to share some of their creations.

Mentor: Joe Guilliams

1:15 pm

One-stop shop for local events

Homer Gaidarski, Kean Mattingly, Jared Melton, Addison Payden & Aaron Whaley

How do you find local events without intentionally scanning news, advertisements and social media channels? If you’re planning an event, how do you get the word out effectively? With a mobile app that lets users see and share information based on location.

1:30 pm

Scanning and displaying pre-screened social posts by hashtag

Allen Ahner, James Barksdale, Philip Gilbreth & David Schneider

MU’s Student & Auxilliary Services office wants to do social listening by relevant hashtags, queue up posts for administrative approval, then display them publicly using their own themes and branding. The team’s web app does just that!

1:45 pm

Standardizing online voter registration

Jeremy Evers, Ethan Hannah, Jordan Jones, Josh Lewis, Adam Newland & Eva Petakovic

The voter registration information for one in eight U.S. residents is outdated or inaccurate. Thirty-seven states allow online registration, but the systems for doing so are often less than clear. The team conducted a usability study on existing platforms and will demonstrate a more consistent and easy-to-use template for prospective voters.


2:00 pm

Finding and licensing local user-generated images

Kaveh Kardan, Xin Liu, Miko Qian & Kexin Sun

Mentor: Matt Dulin aims to be the Getty Images of UGC. Publishers search the company’s platform for local photos and videos, license them from the original creators, distribute them on their platforms, and pull insights that offer a better way to engage with their audiences. This convergence capstone team is testing at the Columbia Missourian.

2:15 pm

Using analytics to enhance

Guohao Chen,  Jordan Evans & Jennifer Janssen

Mentor: Brad Best

Students in the Advanced Interactive Advertising course are using Google Analytics and AdWords data, along with other metrics, to propose platform improvements for, an NGO that pairs professional filmmakers with kids to create documentaries telling stories about how issues affect kids from around the world. 

2:30 pm

Virtual reality for deadline news

Rachel Foster-Gimbel, Maria Kalaitzandonakes, Lauren Puckett & Julia Terbrock

Mentor: Clyde Bentley

Students in the Emerging Technologies in Journalism course took virtual reality a step beyond the feature stories and games that have become the latest Internet boom. The class helped develop ways to integrate VR – specifically 360° photos and videos – into deadline news at the Columbia Missourian. This presentation will explain the multi-step learning process the students went through to go from gimmicky snapshots to a powerful new form of journalism.

2:45 pm



3:00 pm

Prof. Dale Musser, RJI Chief Technology Advisor, introduces student projects from the team-based mobile application development course co-sponsored by RJI and the College of Engineering.

Mentors: Musser, Assoc. Prof. of Convergence Journalism Judd Slivka & RJI Lead Developer Shawn Moore

3:05 pm

Autism Aid

Designers: Kelly Palecek & Dorothy Sedovic

Developers: Chase Allen, Jeff Orr, Miranda Reese &  Jessica Sellers

3:20 pm

Thompson Tracker

Designers: Gina Struttmann, Briana Wilson & Huiqi Xu

Developers: Thunspit Amnuaikiatloet, Ryan Lapeyre, William Mock & Bruce Thomson

Autism Aid and Thompson Tracker are apps being built in conjunction with Mizzou’s Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

3:35 pm

Chicago Health

Designers: Lindsay Gloor & Danielle Hogerty

Developers: Chaewon Yun, Michael Thompkins, Yunfei Yang & Zhihao Zhang 

This team is building an app that uses public restaurant health inspection data provided by the City of Chicago to give consumers information about food safety.

3:45 pm

School Planner

Designers: Suzanne Sterns & Yijun Zou

Developers: Fankie Cancino, Anthony Gaertner, Zhuangwei Kang & Devante Sherod

The School Planner app helps students track their class assignments.


FREE PIZZA for student attendees!

4:00 pm

Update from 2016 RJI Student Competition winners

Recordly’s John Gillis and Yaryna Serkez discuss launching a startup while still in school.

4:20 pm

Closing Remarks

RJI Associate Director Mike McKean

Wednesday, April 26 – BONUS, ON-CAMPUS-ONLY SESSION:


Live Like Fiction: 30 Days to Become the Author of Your Own Life Story

Mizzou graduate, former RJI Student Competition winner and media strategist Francesco Marconi has spent years studying how personal stories inspire incredible achievements. Now he is sharing how others can use the same principles of storytelling to chart—and accelerate— their path to breakthrough professional success.

Francesco didn't just write this new book on owning success—he’s lived it, as a storyteller, speaker, and strategist at The Associated Press, and fellow at Columbia School of Journalism. Now he layers the tricks of his trade on top of fresh scientific research to offer a compelling step-by-step approach to achieving breakthrough professional growth.


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