Six entrepreneurial project teams gave presentations throughout the day. A distinguished panel of judges announced the winning teams. All events are free and open to the public. The morning presentations were streamed live at

Recorded presentations: 


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - Fred W. Smith Forum (2nd floor), Reynolds Journalism Institute

9 a.m. - RJI Digital News Archive

Ed McCain at the Reynolds Journalism Institute has challenged the team to find a way to monetize smaller newspapers' digital archives. The greatest challenge is to identify the value of this content and to strategize a plan of action to secure streams of revenue from various market segments. Team mentors: Mike Jenner and Richard Johnson.

10 a.m. - Meograph

Meograph is an easy-to-use multimedia creation tool. Meograph is a startup that is trying to figure out how to quantify the value it provides to its clients, brands, agencies and publishers. They have tasked the team with establishing a pricing model for their multimedia creation tool. Team mentors: Amy McCombs and Richard Johnson. 

11 a.m. - NewsGuru

NewsGuru is a powerful, social media aggregator that brings together contributors from Twitter and Facebook and presents them in a clean, intuitive manner. The main challenges they have been charged with are determining potential use cases for the app, monetizing those use cases, and then developing a strategy for market adoption within those use cases. Their evolving, bigger challenge is that the app underperforms and is currently not marketable as a viable option. Team mentors: Richard Johnson, Mike Jenner and Antonie Stam. 

12 p.m. - Lunch break

1 p.m.  - Associated Press

The Associated Press is seeking a highly skilled group of students from different disciplines to create a plan to identify methods on which to attract a larger audience to the existing digital properties, specifically the Top 25 franchise. The objective of this project is to use market analysis, research, testing and first hand insights from the Mizzou community to identify strategies to achieve AP Top 25 digital growth. The central question is: Can AP leverage its proprietary polls to innovate through the use of new content formats and packaging? A successful strategy identified at Mizzou could potentially be implemented nation-wide and have a significant impact on AP's digital business. Team mentors: Randall Smith and Antonie Stam

2 p.m. - Public Media Platform

The Public Media Platform (PMP) is a shared technology resource and a collaboration among the leading public media producers. The charge for this team is to consider alternative revenue sources that utilize the PMP and the variety of content available. The larger goal is to increase the audience of public media by making consumers more aware of what’s available through alternative channels. Team mentors: Antonie Stam and Amy McCombs. 

3 p.m. - ET Now

ET Now desires a more effective measurement mechanism for their television viewership. They do not think their television viewership for their flagship business channel is being measured accurately. Much of ET Now’s revenue comes from advertising; in order to negotiate proper compensation for airtime, past discussions with potential sponsors revolved around the ratings provided by TAM Media Research. The companies are looking to efficiently allocate their advertising dollars in a way that will facilitate the acquisition of additional desirable customers. Team Mentors: Randall Smith and Amy McCombs. 

 4 p.m. - Announcement of winning teams


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