Home | Maximizing Latent Potential Through Organic Gardening | Burgeoning Opportunity | Mulching Isolated Data into Dynamic Information Networks | Time and Resources Crucial to Flourishing Innovation | The Hinterlands: Unmached Business Opportunity | Opportunity Comes Cloacked in the Challenges of Change | The Missouri Method Meeds the Mizzou Advantage | Continuing the Commitment to Grow EnterpriseBy Rebecca TownsendNew media technology promises new opportunity for local economic development in Columbia.In partnership with the Regional Economic Development Inc., Reynolds Journalism Institute has launched an "economic gardening" initiative aimed at locally cultivating a culture of innovative entrepreneurship centered on growing new media opportunities. By pursing a multi-faceted collaboration between business and academia, local leaders hope to nurture the growth of new media innovation and entrepreneurship in Mid-Missouri.The effort kicked of in early December when RJI and REDI hosted an exploratory summit focused on identifying areas of potential synthesis between the university, entrepreneurs, students and the community.
Growing Our Opportunities: A workshop sponsored by RJI and REDI From: 2009-12-04T00:00:00 To: 2009-12-04T00:00:00


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