School Tragedy

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It’s 4 a.m. when Steve Kimmel starts his coffee machine. Every weekday begins with pouring the water for three cups long before anyone else in the house is even thinking of waking up. Kimmel is the relatively new news director of KSDU-TV in St. Louis, Mo. With hot coffee in hand, he starts his daily routine, checking an assortment of news sources for any breaking stories:

First he scans the local and national newspapers online – nothing new. Next it’s on to the news wires. These days his Twitter feed is sometimes ahead of the other sources he checks but today there’s nothing new there, either. It’s another slow news day. Perhaps the Cardinals will finally win, he thinks.

Steve realizes that today is the end of his first month on the job. At 33, he has already hopscotched to four television stations in five years; now, he’s one of the youngest (and most successful) news directors in the country. “I can’t complain,” Steve thinks. I’ve been climbing the news ladder and I’m right on track.”

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