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White Noise City From Pasture by klankbeeld -

It’s July in Chicago and summer associate Neelam Varshi is just leaving the air-conditioned law office of Sidley, Austin, and Swain. The heat and humidity hit her like a tidal wave. Her long-sleeved suit suddenly feels incredibly uncomfortable. She takes off the jacket, then turns her attention to the package in her hand, marked “Confidential.”

Neelam hails a cab, climbs in, and orders the driver: “O’Hare airport, please. I’m in a hurry!”

She pulls the smartphone the firm lent her for the summer out of her overstuffed bag. It’s loaded with summer reading, and not exactly “beach fare:” Constitutional Law, The History of the Supreme Court and Anatomy of a Merger. She presses a button on the upgraded “fancy” phone. It rings, and then goes straight to voicemail.

VIDEO: Video/SEC_1 - Voice Message: “This is Sundeep – can’t take your call right now but feel free to offer your congratulations on my engagement in your message”. VIDEO Neelam: “Hi Honey – guess what? I’m heading home to Boston. Nothing’s happened yet, Mom’s the same, but the firm is sending me to our Boston office to hand deliver original closing documents, so I’ll see her while I’m there. Her nurse says it’s not clear how the surgery will go so it would be good to see her before.  My boss says that this is a great opportunity to meet the partners in Massachusetts. The firm’s oldest and biggest client is spinning off one of its divisions and the sale is closing tomorrow. They’re only asking ten percent of us summer associates back for next year so I’ll need to shine. Anyway, I’m heading to the airport. See you tomorrow – wish me luck, honey!

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