What goes into creating and sustaining an initiative of this scale, and what are our end goals? Learn more about our systems-change agenda and how we’re implementing it.

  • Areas of implementation

    Areas of implementation

    We’re focusing on five areas — context, components, connections, infrastructure and scale — in which to set and work toward goals. Learn more about what these areas entail.
  • Mapping a pathway to sustainable preservation

    Mapping a pathway to sustainable preservation

    One of our top priorities is to identify and demonstrate models for monetizing news archives. Learn about what steps we plan to take in this process.
  • Desired outcomes

    Desired outcomes

    Find out what existing problems we hope to help solve for news archive owners and cultural heritage institutions, as well as what we hope to contribute to digital news archiving in solving them.
  • Theory of change

    Theory of change

    Challenges involved in preserving digital news are complex, and our systems change framework helps us define problem areas in need of a remedy. Learn why we chose to use this type of framework and which key issues we aim to address.
  • Disruption


    The evolution of technology creates problems for preserving and accessing news archives; preservation methods can be unreliable or become obsolete, leading to a permanent loss of information. Learn more about these issues and why we are capable of helping.
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