St. Louis Public Radio will study how news organizations can most effectively engage niche groups in a community. Kelsey Proud, who is the engagement editor at the news organization, will serve as the project leader for the institutional fellowship.

To expand on the networks of the staff at St. Louis Public Radio, the fellowship project will focus on outreach to people and organizations who have demonstrated interest in one of four topic areas: the scientific aspects of health, education, arts or economic innovation. The fellowship team plans to use social media channels and technology-based platforms, along with more traditional journalistic techniques, to identify influencers in each topic area and map their networks.

The organization’s goal is to go beyond connecting with “experts” or those frequently quoted in stories but to connect with those who contribute to conversations in smaller ways.

Kelsey Proud  
Institutional fellowship project lead

Stories about Kelsey Proud fellowship project 2014–2015

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