As 2015 comes to a close, you’re probably either on vacation or on deadline — with no time or inclination to ponder work-related New Year’s resolutions. No worries. As part of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute’s ongoing efforts to strengthen journalism, we’ve compiled a list for you.

Coincidentally, RJI’s top 10 stories of 2015 will assist you in meeting these goals, which will help you boost engagement, produce better video, improve newsroom workflow and increase your social media presence in 2016.

Resolve to do the following (and Happy New Year):

1. Boost total newspaper readership by adding new readers from “the forgotten 50 percent.”

Read The newspaper industry and the forgotten 50 percent

2. Choose the right apps to shoot video on a mobile platform.

Read A professional’s guide to choosing the right video apps.

3. Create content on mobile platforms with mobile consumption in mind.

Read We’re doing mobile journalism wrong: Here are 4 ways to do it right.

4. Apply to join the 2016-2017 class of RJI Fellows.

Read RJI announces its 2015-2016 class of fellows. After learning about the current class, apply today.

5. Engage more online readers with brain-friendly stories.

Read Results are in: A cleaner webpage design equals more engaged readers.

6. Learn more about veteran female journalists’ fight for gender equality in the Fourth Estate.

Read RJI Fellow’s oral history website shares stories, challenges and inspirations of female journalists.

7. Grow my online audience by improving my website design, presence on social media and understanding of analytics.

Read Interactive guide helps newspapers boost online readership

8. Make needed changes in my newsroom to better engage my audience.

Read The five engagement changes your newsroom can adopt right now: #RJIEngaged.

9. Improve the design of my online site to help my readers better understand our stories.

Read How do we improve online news design to help readers better understand stories?

10. Use WordPress plugins to improve the workflow in my newsroom.

Read Does your media organization use WordPress? We need your help.

Below are two bonus resolutions:

11. Attend a conference at RJI.

Event topics for 2016 include transparency in government, collaboration culture and preserving born-digital news content.

12. Be better prepared to report about Islam in my city or state. 

Download "Islam for Journalists," a primer for covering Muslim communities in the U.S.

Nate Brown  
Social Media Manager


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