JAAs the final of our four-part series exploring “Was 2012 the year of prosperity for publishers?” — in this post we explore the value of volunteers, intentional curated conversation and connected collaboration for non-profit media. We hear from Mark Glaser, executive editor of PBS MediaShift and Idea Lab; Dan Moulthrop, curator of conversation at The Civic Commons; and Josh Stearns, public media campaign director at Free Press. The third post in JA’s “what we know now” 2012 series offers specific ideas on building public trust, raising money and a free press powered by the people. The second post in the series reveals practical perspective on local advertising, meeting the needs of communities and customer connection. With 2013 now under way, may the lessons of 2012 help pave the way for greater prosperity in the year ahead!

The Journalism Accelerator is the outgrowth of Lisa Skube's 2010-2011 Reynolds Fellowship. Block by Block, an annual gathering of independent hyper-local publishers, was created and nurtured by Michele McLellan, a 2009-2010 Reynolds Fellow. Both initiatives have been supported by 2011-2012 Reynold Fellow Janet Coats.

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2012 is history: What do we know now?

Journalism Accelerator 2012
2012 is history: What do we know now?
January 10, 2013

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