“2015: The Year of the Smartwatch?” American Journalism Review, Dec. 8, 2014Media pundits looking for the next big thing in mobile journalism appear mesmerized by the Apple Watch.

Yes, its screen offers ridiculously tiny space for headlines. And yes, people will have to use their watch and smartphone together to be able to fully read the news they want.

But what if this is the future of mobile news? If it is, media experts say it behooves an industry that was slow to embrace the power of the mobile phone to pay attention and ask themselves: What should news look like on a watch?

Larger news organizations may initially dominate news delivery to watches because they have the resources to expand into the untested market, said Roger Fidler, program director for digital publishing for Reynolds Journalism Institute, a University of Missouri-based organization that tests and studies innovation in journalism.

“It appears to me that most of the early development will be by companies that already have apps for smartphones and tablets, and (are) trying to figure out how they can integrate that with the smartwatches,” Fidler said.

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