Click to enlargeIn a world of breaking news alerts, the Apple Watch could be a gift for many news organizations.

The Apple Watch may even spread news faster than social media. One glance at your wrist — and maybe pressing a button or two – and you’re up to speed on the latest news. Many top news companies have expanded to the Apple Watch but some, we learned, figured out a way to do it better.

The value of viewing news on the Watch is the ease and swift consumption of news. Among the apps that outperform are Breaking News, The Washington Post and ESPN.

This is not to say these three apps are must-haves for everybody.  We also reviewed 12 other news apps. Each has unique features and flaws. Two don’t present original content; Instapaper and Nuzzel are news aggregators.  See the chart for a few of our observations.

The authors are convergence journalism students at the University of Missouri and are contributors to Victor Hernandez’s 2015-2016 RJI fellowship wearables project. 


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