Collab/Space DC took place on November 6 at the Washington Post, with 8 data innovation projects presenting. Photo: Mark Glaser“Yes, and…” is the closest thing improv comedy has to a cardinal rule. The rule goes like this: When the first performer says something, the next performer has to say “Yes, and…” instead of negating or dropping what the first performer said. It’s a powerful rule because it allows a comedy scene to go in unexpected, delightful directions.

On Nov. 6, PBS MediaShift convened a group of media technologists and entrepreneurs to apply the “Yes, and…” rule to media innovation at Collab/Space DC at the Washington Post. Led by improv comedian/techie/journalist Josh Korr and PBS MediaShift executive editor Mark Glaser, the group participated in a day-long workshop focused on brainstorming new solutions to challenges faced by different data projects at startups, non-profits and media companies.

This was the fifth Collab/Space event hosted by MediaShift and the second such event sponsored by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri in order to celebrate innovation in journalism.

“We have two goals at Missouri,” said RJI executive director Randy Picht in his opening remarks. “At the Missouri School of Journalism, our goal is to make sure there are journalists for the future. At RJI, our goal is to make sure there is going to be a future.”

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