PaywallsFor a very long time I really wasn’t a fan of paywalls. I felt that people expected content on the Internet to be free, and if hyperlocal and regional news sites began charging, the audience would go somewhere else. There’s still some truth to that concept, but it’s time to acknowledge that, overall, people are starting to get used to paying for content online — especially on smartphones and tablets.

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune put up their long awaited paywall. But they didn’t do it in the typical way. Instead they focused on some key areas that can perhaps help to inform other publications that are looking to put up a paywall of their own. (Disclosure: I worked in the past as a product manager for Tribune Interactive. The relationship between Tribune Interactive and Chicago Tribune can’t be explained in one sentence but suffice it to say there was a relationship and I was involved.)

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Matt (Sokoloff) Broffman  
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