Jake Tapper“People challenging my views on Twitter makes me a better journalist,” CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper told an audience of professionals, educators and students at the 2013 Hurley Symposium, "Twitterocracy: How Social Media Are Transforming Politics and Journalism."

Tapper recently came to CNN from ABC News and anchors a new weekday afternoon program, The Lead.

Confessing, "Twitter can be annoying," Tapper also said, "Twitter is a constant supplement to the information I receive."

Tapper explained his view about the direction of the news business, saying, "We have to meet the readers and the viewers where they are. We are no longer going to be able to just sit back and say, 'This is our broadcast, come and find us.'"

While his new show incorporates viewer comments from Twitter, he’s no stranger to using social media. Tapper said he started blogging in the beginning of his television career when he was fighting to get stories on the air. He found he could use the Internet to make his work exist at ABC News when World News or Good Morning America didn't run his stories.

Tapper left behind three pieces of advice for aspiring young journalists. The first — every journalist needs to be a print journalist. As a former print journalist himself, Tapper said the ability to understand the who, what, where, when, why, and how of a story is critical for journalists of every medium.

Tapper said his second piece of advice sounds negative, but reveals an important aspect of the competitive world of journalism. He explained that no one is going to employ you out of kindness. Tapper said it is critical for young journalists to show their value and benefit to potential employers.

Finally, Tapper said to be persistent during the job hunt. “Persistence will win the day,” Tapper explained as he described how young journalists shouldn’t be discouraged when they don’t hear back right away from a potential employer. Tapper said sometimes employers are so busy that they just can’t respond right away, but persistence in reaching out to that employer will show you have the resilience to chase a lead until the end.


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