For newspaper publishers across the country, striking gold in the digital realm in 2017 means so much more than just a slick new website or improved page views. Today’s online readers want engagement, personalization and specialized content that can’t be found anywhere else. While the task of developing new and effective digital plans of action may seem like a daunting task, Editor & Publisher has compiled six digital strategies for newspapers to consider employing this year. 

1. Personalize Email Newsletters 

Personalizing email newsletters doesn’t mean simply attaching the reader’s name at the top of an email. Users not only want a customized experience, but they would prefer it to have it delivered to them with little to no work on their end. Think of it this way—why hand over one item to every single person when not every one of them want the same product?

This question was the focus of recent Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow Tracy Clark’s research and pilot project with the Austin American-Statesman in Texas. Over the course of a six-month period, Clark compared the results of a personalized newsletter and the paper’s standard editor-selected newsletter to its readers. The data left little ambiguity over what people wanted.

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