As part of the never ending search to uncover the most efficient means of tackling the digital monster, publishers have continued to experiment, innovate and, in some cases, receive some much needed help. For the most part, common ingredients to digital success, or even the slightest hint of progress, stems from the willingness to adapt without sacrificing the quality of the product provided to readers and advertisers alike.

With that in mind, E&P decided to take a closer look at five digital initiatives taking place in the news industry and how they’re helping advance the tech movement.

Digital in Rural America 

While newspapers like The Washington Post and New York Times are able to freely experiment on the digital side of things, smaller publications have often been left to trudge along the digital path without much guidance.

This problem was entrenched deeply in the mind of Mark Nienhueser during his tenure as a 2015-2016 fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute. As advertising director at the Missouri Press Service (MPS), an affiliate of the state’s newspaper association, he was keenly aware of the challenges newsrooms were facing.

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